30 September, 2015

Drawstring bag tutorial

Here is the project I told you about last week.
I made a tutorial for this drawstring bag for Sew Mama Sew.

This drawstring bag is so quick to sew, you could sew a bunch in a few hours!

It doesn't have lining, still the seams are strong and nice and the seam allowances- invisible!

Drawstring bag tutorial

The tutorial is for a bag made out of two fabrics, but you could sew even a faster version using only one fabric.

Drawstring bag tutorial
Once you learn how to sew it, it is really hard to stop! We all need some (many, actually!) pretty gift bags!

Or just pretty "containers" to store "stuff".

Drawstring bag tutorial
Another great thing about it? I used ribbon to make the casing for the drawstring. In just a few minutes it was already attached to the bag. Keep in mind this little trick:)

Drawstring bag tutorial

Check out this quick project on Sew Mama Sew.

23 September, 2015


Are you still with me? I hope so!

Today I sewed a very quick project, I will share it with you soon and I am sure you will love it. The hardest thing was to find the pins in my new house!

I am preparing this blog for moving to the new website. I read it from the very beginning until today. I deleted many posts (irrelevant, some personal posts,   outdated or without connection to quilting).

It was fun (and nostalgic too) to remember my first days of blogging (November 2007). This blog was my only connection with the quilting world for almost 8 years. It definitely changed my life! And now it's not easy to leave it! Fortunately, I don't have too much time to think about it, I just have to do it!

I am wondering, how many of my first readers still follow my blog?

For you, old or new reader, here are a few old posts that I was happy to remember about!

Wondering how to pronounce my name?

My very first bag!

I taught for the first time

A quilt for Mylene Farmer 

A touching gift

My evolution in quilting from 2001 to 2009 - an update should be in line!

Wintery scenes- a popular post with beautiful pictures.

And here are a few old pictures!
Quilting my THIRD big quilt.
It ended up beautiful.

My first quilting friend at out first meeting! Sanda.
A shadow trapunto bag for Sanda.

Bag for my first bag pattern!

A postcard.

Our first kitty, Pepe! TODAY is his 7 anniversary!
4 "crafty" sisters that learned a lot from their mother

And a supportive husband! Without him, I would not be where and who I am today.
A quilting life in a few pictures!
Until next time, happy quilting!


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