14 April, 2014


Do you remember this quilt I made for the Aurifil Challenge  (and the free  tutorial) ?


At the time I made a few other designs and I just couldn't let them unused on the computer. So I am very anxious to show you how a few of them look on fabric! I am working on bindings now.

I am so excited about these designs that I tried something new! Let's say that now I am very disappointed how SLOW the shipping from the USA is!!

Until I can show you everything, could you help me again with a name for these designs?
I appreciate your help!


10 April, 2014

Happy, happy!

Let's share with you something that makes us all happy! Fabric!
I am afraid I am addicted to fabric. For months I did not buy anything and then I made six orders in less than two weeks!! And of course I feel guilty!

Do you receive many newsletters from fabric shops ? I subscribed only to a few. But the newsletter I am always excited to open is the one from Hawthorne Threads. Looking at the pictures in their newsletter you instantly know if you love a fabric line. I highly recommend them if you want to stay up to date with fabric industry news. 

Have you seen a new fabric and you had to order it in the next minute ?
It happened to me! With this Meadow collection.

 I have enough to make a few bags and a kaleidoscope quilt.

 This year I don't think I could love a fabric more!

This Tanya Whelan print is pretty too. I am disappointed  that I ordered only half yard- it wasn't a good idea with this large print.

Something for  the little boy in my life! Owls (bunitze - like Alex says!)

Mushrooms still obsess me!

And pencils!!
I continue to stock them! Someday I will use them!

I have many sewing plans!

07 April, 2014

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial

I love making faux leather bags. I love that faux leather is available in lots of colors.

Usually you need a special foot to stitch this material, but I found that my walking foot works fine. When topstitching, I have to help a little the material to move under the needle. I stitch with longer stitches than usual (I set my machine at 3). I don't get perfect stitches every time, but usually they look good.

Because faux leather can't be creased with  an iron, here is an easy way to stitch straps for your bags.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial

I made my straps in two colors. The inside (the side that touches your shoulder) is a little wider than the outside. 

More pictures of the bag here

First, choose the desired width for your straps. Then add 3/4'' and cut one strip of this width and in the desired length. The other strip (in the other color) is cut 1/4'' narrower than the first one.

So here is how I cut mine:
  • taupe strip - 2 1/4''
  • blue strip - 2''
  • final size of the strap - about 1 1/2''  

If you want one color straps, cut both strips of the same width
(2 1/4''). 
Check on which direction the faux leather
stretches less and cut the strips along that edge.
Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
Draw a line 3/8'' away from both edges.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
Fold the piece on the line and stitch. Fold as you stitch, you don't need pins (yes, I use pins, they don't leave holes in my faux leather- test yours first).
Stitch first one edge then the other.
Stitch close to the edge (not the fold).
Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
If you need stronger straps (for travel bags, as example), draw a single line on the center,

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
then fold the edges toward the center. In this case, double the desired width of the straps and cut strips of this width.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
Here are my strips.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
Place the narrow strip over the other, keeping it centered.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial

First stitch on the center then secure the edges, stitching close to the edges of the blue strip.

I stitched with leather needles (Jeans needles work fine too); quality thread is desired too.

Ready to be attached to a new bag!

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
I love the faux leather bags I already made -  more in the future.

Faux Leather Straps Tutorial
Click for details
While writing this post, I thought that some tips for stitching a quality bag would be great to be in one place. Coming soon!

Enjoy your new bags,

Let's keep in touch!

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05 April, 2014

Faux Leather Tote Bag

Does this happen to you too ? Sometimes Blogger changes a little the colors of some of my photos, after I upload them into a blog post. At least, it is what I see on my monitor.

These colors are really beautiful: indigo blue and taupe. Perfect combination for my sister Oana: she loves blue and sober colors.

I made a lot of bags for my sisters but they carry them all the time and I think they new some new ones. They don't agree, but I know better! Or maybe I need an excuse to stitch new bags (or maybe to buy new fabrics!).

So I was happy when a friend of mine brought me some blue faux leather.
Oana said it is the most beautiful bag! I agree, it is the latest!

faux leather tote bags
The back with a zippered pocket.

faux leather tote bags
I used interfacing only for the bottom. I think it was Peltex or Timtex, I stitched it over the faux leather.

faux leather tote bags

I know many people like zipper closure, but I like most a magnetic snap closure. You don't need two hands to open the bag!

faux leather tote bags

I love to make faux leather patchwork! I swear it is easier than with quilting cotton.

It's so easy to sew these two-color straps. 

Click to find out all the details.


Have a great weekend,

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03 April, 2014

Faux Leather Bag

A new bag - the first item sewn in the last two weeks. It's great to feel again the desire to sew!

And look at this texture!  Achieved with no effort.

faux leather bags
It's just fabric-  a soft faux leather  with a partially cut away pattern.

The fabric stretches and I had to be creative with the straps.
The lining is a stiff and heavyweight canvas.

I love more and more this pattern. It's the same pattern I used for this bag. 
And similar with this pattern.

faux leather bags

Can't wait to make more!

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31 March, 2014

Floral Quilt Tutorial

I am happy to share a new idea with you!
I wasn't prepared for a new tutorial, I wanted only a new free design for my newsletter subscribers. And I designed this block.

Floral Quilt Tutorial

Then I thought that a few guidelines on how to sew this would be great too.

Then I thought that the way these blocks are constructed is cool and I could not keep it secret on the blog.

So here is an easy way to make these blocks.
The blocks are raw edge appliqued using fusible web.

PIN this for later
You can make the blocks in any size. Choose a size for the flower and a bigger size for the background.

You will make three blocks at a time.
You need:
 - 3 background fabric pieces
 - 3 different color fabrics for the flowers
- a small piece for the center

Floral Quilt Tutorial

You also need 3 pieces of fusible web, a little bigger than the size of the flower design.

Download the design (two sizes available - 7'' and 14'';print at smaller scale if you need smaller designs).
Transfer the design onto the paper side of fusible web. Repeat two times. Accuracy is VITAL!

Floral Quilt Tutorial
Press the fusible web (rough side down) onto the wrong side of your flower fabric.

Then cut EXACTLY on the lines! Accuracy is VITAL.
You cut out the large piece into 3 pieces.

Repeat for the other two fabric pieces.

Floral Quilt Tutorial

Lay down the background fabric (it could be a single piece of fabric too, instead of 3 pieces that you have to piece later).

Remove the paper backing from all the pieces.

Take the largest pieces and place them on the center of background.

Then take the next largest pieces and place them onto the background. Mix the colors. You don't need to transfer the design lines to help with placement. The pieces fits perfectly.

Then add the last floral pieces. Again, make sure you have different colors.

Floral Quilt Tutorial
Then add the center circles.
When everything is in place, press well.
Secure the edges of the applique pieces using your preferred method then quilt.

Floral Quilt Tutorial

The only needed thing for success with this pattern is accuracy!
Accuracy when transferring the design onto fusible web and when cutting out the fabric pieces  - cut exactly on the lines.

It is easy to secure the edges of the applique pieces if their edges are close to each other. We don't want to see the background fabric between the edges of two flowers!
I hope you like this design! I think it is great to welcome spring!
I love most the flowers made in gradation fabric.

Let's keep in touch!
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27 March, 2014

Quilted Pillow Pattern

Hello, hello! I am still here! But I can't show you too many sewing projects. I couldn't find energy to sew lately- I think I needed a break! But I am dreaming of a lot of future projects. I have tons of beautiful fabrics!

I managed to finish a project though! Here is my new pattern.

This is the second pillow I made with this geometric pattern.

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern 
Could you say from the pictures that the design is raw edge appliqued ? It looks like a patchwork.

 raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern
OK, maybe seeing this close-up.

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern
The pillow measures 16'' and the design is 14''.
I am in love with the 1/4'' grid quilting.

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern
Do you recall this one, stitched some time ago ?

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern

It is really hard to stop at one! Or two! There are lots of options -  different color palettes, different quilting...

Here are other two inviting color palettes!

Do you prefer quilts instead of pillows ? It's easy -  sew more blocks!

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern

If you want to sew your own projects using this pattern, click to order.

raw edge applique quilted pillow pattern
Happy sewing and thank you for your support!


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